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Absorbent Paper Point

Color coded Highly absorbent Sterilized individual packages Variety sizes and packages available


125 255 
Characteristics Apatos is a biocompatible(1,2), osteoconductive(3,4) biomaterial of heterologous origin with characteristics similar to mineralized human bone(5); it can therefore


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  There Strong power density Applied to heating resistance allows an infrared energy transfer (2.5 to 2.7 µm), Ideal for

Cemel Articulating Paper

16 19 
Articulating Paper CEMEL I, CEMEL U Tecnical Data * It is used to identify the higher or lower chewing points

Consepsis Scrub

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What's Included:
  • 4 x 1.2 ml Consepsis Scrub syringes
  • 2 x STARbrush brushes
  • 20 x White Mac tips

CU2-HD intraoral camera

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Reality has never been sharper. Focus-Free No adjustment requirements thanks to a 5 to 70 mm depth of field, ensuring


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The DWX-42W intelligent machine enables grinding of glass ceramics, composites, PMMA and titanium with high precision and accuracy. The exceptional


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The new Roland DWX-52Di is a dental milling machine designed to make CAD/CAM dental restorations simple and accurate. Accuracy and

Dynamic flow

40 80 
Dynamic Flow is an flowable and restorative composite that can be polimerized with light and has low viscosity It provides

Dynamic Plus

31 260 
DYNAMIC PLUS is a visible light cure microhybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations. DYNAMIC PLUS is based on BIS-GMA-resin

E.on sintering oven

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Sinking oven E.ON sinter base for dental of dental prostheses in Zirconium oxide. This oven can be used only by

Enamelast fluoride varnish

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Packaging: 2x1.2ml. syringe 4 pcs tips