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Manual mixing A silicon

Əl ilə qarışdırmaq üçün A silikon Elite P&P Putty fast set -A-silicones Precision & Performance Advantages Maximum precision in detail reproduction High tear strength Excellent elastic recovery High dimensional stability Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta 7 Spray…
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A silicons for dispensers

A silicons for dispensers ACRYTEMP Bisacrylic self-curing composite resin for temporary C&B preparation Advantages Practical: the cartridge selfmixing system permits optimal dispensing Functional: it develops very low temperatures during polymerization Die protection Respect of tooth-periodontal relation Tooth position preservation Resistant…
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Alginatlar HYDROCOLOR 5 Chromatic high dimensional stability alginatet Use Study models in general Recommended for paediatric impression Removable and partial dentures Antagonists in fixed and removable prosthesis Temporary crowns and bridges Advantages Offers a visual guide for mixing, work and…
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Zhermack – ZMack Comp

ZMack Comp Zmack® comp is an aesthetic, visible-light activated, radio-opaque, universal micro-hybrid composite (designed for both anterior and posterior restorations) in syringes indicated for use in direct restorations of all cavity classes, cosmetic reshaping, direct veneering material and indirect restorations such as…
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