Lasotronix – Smart Pro

Smart PRO – Lasotronix

Laser type diode, semiconductor
Operation mode continuous or pulsed
Wavelength 980nm -endo/perio/surgery/whitening/therapy
635nm – biostimulation, photoactivated disinfection
405nm – diagnostics
Max power up to 15W [CW], adjusted every 0,1 W for 980nm up to 400mW [CW], adjusted every 10mW for 635nm up to 100%, adjusted every 10% for 405nm
Pulse time 0,05ms – 10 000 ms
Frequency 0,05 -10 000Hz
Controller microprocessor
Display TFT with touch panel
Beam delivery fiber optic with SMA 905 connector
Fiber diameter min. 200μm or 320μm
Delivery system 2.5m – Fiber optic, silicone coated, 200μm diameter with SMA 905 connector on one end, open-ended on the other end (for endo, perio and microsurgery) 2m – Fiber optic cable 200μm diameter with SMA 905
connector on both sides (for whitening and therapy) 2m – Electrical cable (for biostimulation, PAD and diagnostics) Pilot beam red, 635nm
Beam emmition initiation footswitch and button on the treatment handpiece
Cooling system internal, air, thermoelectric cooling and passive
Laser dimensions 270 x 245 x 90mm
Weight 2,5kg
Dimensions of transportation case 530 x 380 x 230mm
Weight of transportation case with 8,5kg
laser and accessories