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3DS Scanner

Our Strength
Runyes intraoral scanner has fast and easy image capturing technology, which can provide reliable, accurate & complete data for digital dental impression. Providing patients with a comfortable and efficient treatment experience, our scanners make it easier for dentists to diagnose and communicate with patients. Runyes scanner is an open system scanner, which provides the access to the latest technology equipment available in the market. It has a range of applications which includes digital restoration, digital orthodontics, surgical guide of digital implant, etc.
 Easier to operate with net weight of 210g.Simple and elegant with a colour combinaon of gray and white. Looks trendy and very user friendly. Support multi-angle image capture in patient’s mouth. Hand-held design makes operation more convenient.
Dual heating options from internal & external heater, maintain the temperature of the scanner to prevent it from fogging.

 Easy to change scanner head. Scanner heads are autoclavable and multiple times usable.Long life narrow heads for easy reach to posteriors.


Doctor benefits

High quality restoraon effect.

Accurate digital impression.

Real-time scanning.

Crown in single day.

Perfect fitting of crown.

Take impression easily.

Powderless scanning.

No need of impression material.

Reduced manual errors.

Higher efficiency.

Speed up making impression, reduce operation time.

Save material and logistic cost.


Patients’ Benefits
More comfortable experience.
Powderless scanning, prevent discomfort.
No gagging to patient.
Higher degree of satisfaction.
No repeated impressions.


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