Woodpecker Q3

Woodpecker Q3

Woodpecker Q3 High-pressure Plasma Air Purifier Suitable for 30-40 Sq Meter room sizes.

What is the Woodpecker Plasma Air Purifier:

The Woodpecker Plasma Air Purifier is a non-consumable air purifier that uses TPA ion technology to purify the air. This drastically reduces ‘cost in use’ as it removes the infinite pattern of buying and replacing HEPA filters, and offers superior cleaning performance at the same time.

  • Efficiently removes: Flu virus, fungus, germs, pollen, mite, dandruff, PM2.5, Smoke, dust, TVOCs, formaldehyde, airborne odour.
  • First-class performance
  • 99.9% removal of fungi, bacteria and influenza viruses.
  • Removal of 99.9% of smoke, PM2.5 and particles up to 14.6 nm / 0.0146 microns.
  • 99.9% removal of domestic formaldehyde and TVOC.
  • No costly replacement HEPA filters required.
  • No Ozone produced
    • No performance decline after cleaning the collector plates.
    • Processes 340 cubic meters/ hour
    • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of up to 450 cubic meters/ hour (on highest setting)
    • Certification and Test data available


    • First-class performance
    • Small dental surgery size of 25 cubic meters = over 13 air passes/hour offering high level purification.
    • Complete air purification solution for home and office.
    • Easy maintenance, washable electrode, Non-consumable means that there is no need to purchase HEPA filters repeatedly.
    • Lower energy consumption saves your energy bill.
    • Easy operation, One button to navigate through all settings.
    • The BLDC engine and streamlined flow path dramatically reduce noise.(40-60db)
    • Smart mode, Monitors and adjusts power automatically based on real-time air quality.
    • Made of V-0 fireproof material, and the child lock prevents children from playing with the settings.

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