CJ Optics – Flexion microscope

CJ Optics – Flexion microscope

The all new Flexion from CJ-Optik
Awarded for design, designed for dentists!

Exclusive unibody construction offers purity of form and perfection of function. The microscope is created using a minimalist design philosophy, demanding that less is truly more. All essentials, Included!
The highest quality German optical and machining skills are combined to create a no-compromise system of elegance and simplicity.

Suddenly, all of the confusing options become crystal clear!

Apo and Plan – apochromatic optics with the latest index-matched coatings are integrated, offering the highest correction for abberation, color and light transmission available. Precise and innovative construction provides superior ergonomic placement
of all functions and controls, along with unparalleled ease-of-movement!

All of the essentials, optimized in every way for the best possible optical, ergonomic and mechanical performance, just as you demand!




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