TecnoGaz – Orma


Device for shoe coating Mod. ORMA
The surgical protocols require the adoption of PPE (personal protective equipment) to be used by operators and patients.  Among the devices that can be used, shoe coating have the specific task of isolating the shoes, which for obvious reasons can “carry” infectious materials.
Under normal ambulatory medical activities, the patient is undergoing surgery or invasive therapies, without undressing therefore they must equip themselves with some protective tools, like shoe coating.

The fitting of shoes is a normal manual operation but for different categories of people, causes discomfort and requires a tedious physical effort

ORMA does not require specific shoes to be inserted into the device but uses a roll of heat-shrinkable film.
Avoid buying shoe covers, generates time saving, avoid disposing of large quantity of waste, avoid the need of different sizes of shoe covers, resulting in a significant cost saving.
ORMA “builds” the shoe coating automatically, by placing the shoe in the allotted compartment of the device, where there is a thermoplastic film, the heating system is activated and shoe coating is created in a real-time sequence, by following the shape of the shoe to make it fit.
The coating just makes such a perfect fit, to create an absolute insulating barrier. The fit is also waterproof and doesn’t create obstruction or impediment to movement. The plastic coating lasts longer than those constructed in simil-fabric.

Great image of hygiene
Adopting the shoe coating for staff and patients as a standard procedure, is synonymous with great attention to hygiene and prevention. All this generates a positive perception to patients and reduces the microbial distribution in the surgical and operating environments.
Orma eases the management of this process, reduces risks, reduces costs, increases a better image of the whole clinic.  Orma is an elegant device, which technology is controlled by a microprocessor card, with programmable controls.
The whole cycle of film wrapping and shoe coating creation is generated by simply inserting the shoe in the footprint of the device. A proper specific support (art. 2910S) has been created (to be required as optional), to maintain balance during the preparation stages and the final coating removal from the shoes.