Tecnogaz – Multisteril


Tecno-Gaz S.p.A. has been able to create a new and revolutionary device that can automatically carry out all the major preparation phases for th e sterilization cycle, such as disinfection, cleansing, rinsing, drying, without human intervention, without any professional risk and with a reduction in the overall time taken.
A device that is unique in the world and indispensable for every facility that carries out sterilization.

Assistants’ expenditure of time
Assistants spend a lot of time for the preparation phase to tools sterilization, because of multiple and complex manual procedures.
Multisteril does not require human presence.

Risk factor
The manipulation of tools and potential infectious materials is a very important factor and it must be kept under strict control, both for operators’ protection and the responsibility of the owner of the studio.
Multisteril cancels the risk.

Management protocol
There is the sterilization if the procedure of preparation of materials is done properly, if not, the whole process is completely nullified.
Multisteril performs correctly all the cycles.

Space is another important problem, in fact, sterilization rooms often have small size and rationalization of space assumes a considerable value.
Multisteril can do all the process filling 40 cm.

Overall costs
Cost is an important component which must be brought under control.
With Multisteril every cycle costs about 2 Euros.