Investment materials

Investment materials

Adenta-vest – Mayeli revetman

ADENTA®-VEST CBis a phosphate-bonded investment powder for all precious

and non-precious dental alloys for crowns and bridges.

ADENTA®-VEST CB can be used for the speed casting as well as for the conventional heating (overnight-technique).

The adequate expansion can be adjusted for every type of alloy by

changing the concentration of the appropriate Adentatec Liquid.

ADENTA®-VEST CB features a high fitting accuracy (even for wide span bridges)

of non-precious dental alloys.

Mixing ratio: 100 g : 24-26 ml

Packaging: 10,08 kg box (63 x 160 g bags)

CERAVEST Crown Bridge Investment

CERAVEST is a carbon-free phosphate investment developed for professionals who demand a more finely-grained investment. It is designed for use with all classes of casting alloys: precious, semiprecious, and non-precious.

•Extremely fine texture results in accurate castings with very smooth surfaces
•Extended working time, as much as ten minutes, allows the investing of multiple flasks
• Absence of carbon assures compatibility with all casting alloys, especially Palladium and nonprecious
• Increased liquid to powder ratio yields a creamier mix and allows better flow resulting in bubble-free casting
• Low expansion
• Easy & well mixing, homogenoity and fluidty
• No cracks in flask, furnace and crucible
• Work by hand or a mixer
Packaging Detail
6 kg (40×150 gr powder) Liquid: 1 lt
Liquid: 1 lt