Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc., have been developing dental materials based on the organic and inorganic technologies that we have cultivated over many years.
We will continue to provide patients and dental professionals with “products” and “information” that can be used “safely” and “comfortably” by cultivating these technologies and creating new ones.
We aim to contribute to the development of dental care continuously.

Research and development activities at Kuraray Noritake Dental take full advantage of Kuraray and Noritake’s accumulated know-how. We intend to develop new technologies and products, and continue to meet the opportunities and challenges offered by new domains of technology. Our contributions to improving patients’ QOL will continue, day by day.

One of our most important obligations is to manage product quality effectively. We are taking the appropriate steps to maintain our certification under the international standard for quality management systems (ISO 13485) and we otherwise work tirelessly to make sure that everyone can use our products with complete satisfaction.

Reproducing natural-looking colors of teeth by taking advantage of the ceramics production technology accumulated through the manufacture of prestigious ceramics and tableware.

We are also focusing on the R&D of new materials for esthetic restorative applications. At the heart of this research is Noritake Company Limited’s ceramics production technology, accumulated through the manufacture of prestigious ceramics and tableware. The company has supplied a variety of esthetic restoration dental products, since its first commercialization of dental plaster in Japan in 1939, including Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3, investment materials and metals. We have recently started producing and marketing dental CAD/CAM-related equipment, zirconia discs and porcelain products for zirconia frameworks. We are listening carefully to voices from dental care service providers and we are committed to continuing to develop better products to improve patients’ QOL.