Ceramco3 porcelain

The Standard in Elegant Ceramics Ceramco3 feldspathic porcelain is produced with the highest quality of processing to deliver excellent handling and a premium level of esthetics. The entire system, from the paste or powder opaques, through the dentins, natural and opal enamels, impart the fluorescence of natural dentition. The exceptional thermal stability of Ceramco3 porcelains allow technicians to maintain hue, value and chroma at consistent levels throughout multiple firings. The color -correlated system ensures that technicians of varying skill levels, basic through advanced, can create predictable shades with ease. All 50 shades are available out-of the-bottle so there’s no measuring, mixing, or mistakes. All Ceramco3 porcelains offer: • Ease of handling • Predictable, out-of-the-bottle shades • Premium esthetics without mixing and matching • A myriad of shades to meet all customer needs

Your Choice of Enamels Ceramco3 porcelain offers you the choice of Natural, SoftWear® and Opal enamels. The finegrained leucite structure of the SoftWear enamels provides proven low-wear characteristics to preserve natural dentition. Another benefit of using SoftWear enamels is the ability to use a single porcelain system that fires with standard firing temperatures for both conventional and low-wear dentists’ demands. The SoftWear enamels can be used in thin or thick layers over the dentin to duplicate the vitality of natural teeth. Both the Natural and SoftWear enamels are available in Super Clear, Light, Extra Light, Medium, Dark, White, Ivory, Violet and Orange. Natural Enamels are also available in Blue, Pink, Yellow and Clear. Opal enamels come in White, Light, Medium and Clear

Your Choice of Shades Ceramco3 offers a myriad of shades including 16 A-D, 26 C3 Shade Series Shades are keyed to the Vita® 3-D Master®1 Shade Series2 and eight bleach shades. All shades were designed as out-ofthe- bottle shade systems to eliminate the need for time-consuming conversions and consistent shades time after time. • 16 A-D shades • 26 C3 Shade Series Shades* • 8 illumine shades: Shades i1, i3, i5 and i7 – keyed to the Vita® Lumin® 2 “A” family of shades Shades i2, i4, i6 and i8 – keyed to the Vita® Lumin® 2 “B” family of shades

Quality in Every Bottle To manufacture Ceramco3 porcelain, we use a unique source of a mineral called feldspar. Because this naturally occurring feldspar is so high in potassium, it’s more stable than lowpotassium feldspar that has to be “cooked” with other minerals before it can be used in dental porcelain. It is this stability that gives Ceramco3 consistently high esthetics – on everything from small crowns fired just a few times to complicated nine-unit bridges crafted with multiple firings. Researchers at DENTSPLY continuously improve on its tradition of fine quality porcelains. Our high quality standards guarantee that every bottle of Ceramco3 porcelain meets or exceeds your expectations

CERAMCO PFZ Zirkon üçün keramika tozu

Porcelain for Zirconia
Ceramco® PFZ porcelain utilises the latest in technologically advanced manufacturing processes to provide exceptional aesthetics and the ease of use associated with traditional Ceramco porcelains.
This leucite-free porcelain is a cutting-edge material that has exceptional thermal stability for increased productivity, whilst retaining remarkable shade vitality and the fluorescence of natural dentition.
Ceramco PFZ features an efficient three-powder build-up system, with optical characteristics integrated throughout the liner, Opaceous dentine, dentine and enamel materials. With Ceramco PFZ clinicians can expect excellent aesthetics in their zirconia all-ceramic restorations.
Ceramco PFZ is the ideal veneering porcelain for metal-free zirconia frameworks and can be used with Cercon® Zirconia or with other 100% dense zirconia frameworks with a CTE of ~10.5ppm/ºC.
Ceramco® PFZ is available in kits and individual shades.
PFZ PZ chart.jpg