Anatomically correct fixation of the cranial-axis relationship in just 2 minutes

The Artex Facebow is not just a success on account of its ease of handling, but also makes it possible to work rapidly and economically: in just two minutes, the cranium/ axis relation is determined in correspondence to the patient’s anatomy.

In functional diagnostics and treatment, it is an indispensable tool which considerably reduces grinding time at chairside.

Artex CT 

The non-Arcon workhorse – the prosthetic articulator

  • Partially adjustable non-Arcon articulator
  • Artex-Carbon – lightweight and robust, providing perfect handling
  • Adjustable inclination of the condyle track inclination from -15° to 60°
  • Bennett angle adjustable from 0 to 20° “Click” – centric quick lock
  • Arbitrary pins for face bow adaptation

Artex CR 

Model management articulator and universal diagnosis and therapy unit in Arcon design

Produced by the dental technician in an articulator, a dental prosthesis must function with-out a problem for the patient. An articulator is a great way to emulate the patient‘s move-ments, saving the dentist chair-side time and the patient quite a bit of pain. The reproducible centric rela-tion ensures safe starting and end positions of every jaw movement. The Artex articula-tor can discover, check and remove any defects smaller than 20 µm.

Lightweight, stable, ergonomic and very precise – the Artex articulator facilitates and accel-erates work on the model. It is practice-oriented, reliable and competitively priced. For these reasons, the Artex brand enjoys such a good reputation and its articulators are among the most popular world-wide. The Artex product range employs a modular design and is focused on features that are really necessary.


Scientifically proven: Artex® Articulators can be calibrated to a standardization with tolerances < 10 μm

Using the Splitex Key and Splitex Plate Set, all Artex® Articulators are calibrated similarly. This magnetic plate system serves as a metrical aid to calibrate different articulators. The precision of calibration is such that deviations are brought down to below 10 μm. This means that models can be mounted and changed with precision on any calibrated Artex.

Additionally, the ability to calibrate the Artex Articulators simplifies the process of transferring the model from the practice to the laboratory. Where both parties have a calibrated articulator, then only the models need to be transported, and not the complete articulator. Not only does this protect the articulator against handling problems, it also saves on postal charges.