Bonding and etching gel

Bonding and etching gel


Ultra-Etch is a 35% phosphoric acid solution. It features ideal viscosity, which, along with the use of the Blue Micro® or Inspiral®Brush tip, facilitates precision placement and superior control. Ultra-Etch is self-limiting in its depth of etch (average depth of 1.9μm with 20-second etch),1 creating an etch pattern that adhesives can penetrate for increased bond strength and reduced sensitivity. Studies demonstrate that Ultra-Etch’s unique self-limiting chemistry creates an optimal surface to receive resin.2 Though Ultra-Etch is viscous, it can penetrate into the smallest fissures or occlusal surfaces due to physical and chemical properties that promote capillary action. Its ideal viscosity maintains a layer thick enough to prevent premature drying.

  • Self-limiting
  • Penetrates smallest fissures but won’t migrate on a vertical surface
  • Increases bond strength and reduces sensitivity
  • Places precisely and rinses clearly
  • Rinses cleanly—leaves no residue​

PREBOND Universal bond

PREBOND-5th Generation Adhesive System is Light Curing hydrophilic universal bond.

Forms a very good bond between dentin and the composite and thereby reduces the formation of marginal gaps.PREBOND is an adhesive with outstanding adhesion to dentin and etched enamel. It improves adhesion between the composite and tooth surface.

PREBOND  is one component dental universal adhesive for bonding dentin/enamel using adhesive restoration technique.It has an excellent adhesion value with a very high hydrophilic stability.The fluid is an easy flowing with excellent deep absorption into the retention thus enabling very high bond strenght while minimizing marginal gaps. PREBOND Light cure universal bond 5ml.

* It is cometable with all the composite type restorations
* For bonding the metal or amalgam restorations
* the treatment of the out surfaced root
* Composites and compemers

Physical Properties
Apperiance:  low viscosity liquid without clear particles.
pH Value: 3-3,2
Dentin that is cured with light/Bonding strength to the Dentine : 30 mpa
Bonding Strength to the non- valuable metal: 20 mpa
Bonding Strength to the valuable metal: 24 mpa
Polimerization Time: 20 Seconds

PREBOND SE – Light Cure One Component Bonding Agent-7th Generation

PREBOND SE is a self etching. Light curing one component adhesive for the adhesive restoration technique used on direct and indirect restorations.PREBOND SE is formulated to contain functional MDP monomers, methacrylate, photoinitiators, ethanol and water.

Can be used on the following cases: Fixing of composite-material and compomer at enamel and dentin Adhesive fixing of restorations of ceramic or composite at enamel and dentin. Fixing and repairing of light cure composites at hybrid ceramic, composite, metal or amalgam Usable as dentin-sealer PREBOND SE Light cure universal bond self-etch 5ml.
PREBOND SE light cure universal bond self-etch 5ml
Prebond SE contains methacrylate, photoinitators, ethanol water.
+ Fixing of composite material and compomer at enamel and dentin
+ Fixing of composites at ceramic, compositmaterial
+ Also usable as dentin-sealer


PQ1 is a syringe-delivered, single-component, light-cured resin that uses ethyl alcohol as a solvent. It is 40% filled and radiopaque. PQ1 bonds to dentin/enamel, cast metal, porcelain, amalgam, and composite.

  • High bond strength helps prevent microleakage1,2
  • Radiopaque
  • Easy to use
  • Places directly
  • Cures with all lights

Porcelain etch & Silane 

Ultradent 90-second Porcelain Etch is used to etch porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and fractured dental porcelain. Ultradent 60-second Silane is used after hydrofluoric acid etching to prepare the surface for bonding resin.
Studies have demonstrated that Silane, when used with Porcelain Etch and a quality bonding resin, yields the highest bond strength to porcelain when compared with other porcelain bonding products.1  Both Porcelain Etch and Silane may be used intraorally or extraorally.

  • Porcelain Etch is a viscous, buffered 9% hydrofluoric acid
  • Etch is easy to control and place
  • Will not stain composite or resin cement
  • Silane is a single-component solution
  • Yields highest porcelain-to-resin bond strengths1
  • Porcelain Etch and Silane may also be used on lithium disilicate (IPS e.max®2 ) restorations


PermaSeal composite sealer is a light-cured, methacrylate-based, unfilled resin. Its low viscosity allows excellent penetration, and the ultrathin layer minimizes the need for occlusal adjustment.​


PermaSeal seals voids and irregularities created during the polishing process, minimizing staining and wear. Place on Class V composite margins to reduce microleakage.1 For the final glaze-type finish of resin provisionals, cover PermaSeal with DeOx® prior to light curing. PermaSeal bonds well to composite-type provisional restorations and can be used to revitalize old composites as well.

  • Bonds to composite and etched enamel
  • Seals microcracks and strengthens restorations
  • Protects and revitalizes composite restorations​


Self-Etch, Light-Cure Universal Dental Adhesive

OptiBond™ XTR stands apart as the only dental bonding agent that embodies both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive and the simplified protocol of a self-etch technique.

Universal compatibility enables use for all direct and indirect restorations.

The unique chemistry of an enhanced self-etch primer and optimised adhesive in this 2-bottle system dental bonding agent brings outstanding bond strength to uncut enamel and dentine.


Single Component Total-Etch Dental Adhesive

OptiBond™ Solo™ Plus is a total-etch, single-component dental adhesive for virtually every clinical application. Ethanol-based, 15 % filled with Kerr’s proprietary 0.4μm filler, Solo™ Plus actually reinforces dentine tubules at much greater depths than unfilled or nano-filled systems. This means improved long-term stability and outstanding bond strengths with direct and indirect applications.


  • Filled technology – OptiBond™ Solo™ is 15% filled with a 0.4 μm filler
  • Ethanol-based – the adhesion promoters are carried in an ethanol solvent, diminishing both the tedious need for multiple coats and constant reapplication commonly experienced with acetone adhesives
  • Versatile – effective for all direct and indirect indications, in moist or dry environments
  • Available in bottle and Unidose™ delivery.
  • Proven long-term performance.


Filled, Light-Cure Total-Etch Dental Adhesive

From its launch in 1995, OptiBond™ FL established the standard in adhesive technology. For over 15 years it has been successful worldwide, proven in long-term clinical studies and recommended as the gold standard by leading dental universities worldwide. OptiBond™ FL total-etch, two-component dental adhesive features:

  • Unique structural bond with 48% filler load
  • Efficient application flow – one-coat primer, one-coat adhesive, one light curing; wet or dry preparations
  • High radiopacity, making X-ray detection easy
  • Availability in bottle and Unidose™ delivery
  • Proven long-term performance.

Optibond All in One 

Single Component Self-Etch Dental Adhesive

OptiBond™ All-In-One™ is a self-etch, single-component dental adhesive that eliminates multiple steps when bonding direct and indirect restorations. Its unique nano-etching capability enables superior enamel etching, creating a deeper etched surface for higher mechanical retention and chemical bonding.


  • Simple, one-step process – etching, priming and bonding are captured in one material; no mixing required
  • Exceptional bond strength –unique nano-etching process provides the highest bond strengths to both dentine and enamel for seventh-generation, self-etch adhesives
  • Direct/indirect use – excellent adhesion to enamel, dentine, porcelain and ceramics
  • Ternary solvent system – three solvents provide enhanced shelf-life stability and effective enamel etching for long-term bond performance
  • Available in bottle and Unidose™ delivery.

Ething Gel is a surface preparation agent which is a 37% H3PO4 semi-gel, and is most effective at quickly etching enamel and dentin. President Dental ETCHING GEL creates micropores in the enamel surface and removes the smear layer to unblock dentinal tubules.It promotes adhesive resin penetration and resin tag formation. ETCHING GEL is vital for the restoration’s mechanical retention.

Etching Gel is made up of %37 phosphoric acid gel
* Syringe offers ease of application for dispensing
* Thixotropic acid etching agent
* Blue color resulting visibility
* Good viscosity
Can be used in conjunction with all
+ Adhesives
+ Composites
+ Compomers
+ Glass Ionomers
+ Sealants

Citric acid 20% solution

Ultradent Citric Acid is a mild acidic material that is effective at dissolving/cleaning calcium hydroxide from canals (e.g., UltraCal®XS). It is also recommended as a cleanser/conditioner to remove smear layer from dentinal walls. Deliver with the NaviTip® tip or the NaviTip® FX tip.

  • Recommended as a cleanser/conditioner of prepared root canals
  • Removes mineral and smear layers
  • Slightly viscous formula facilitates lubrication​