Endodontic micromotors

Endodontic micromotors

EndoMate TC2 

• Slim Head and neck assures higher visibility
• Large LCD panel and access-friendly key
• Lightweight, ergonomic design
• Smart Auto Reverse & Alarm Function
• 5 programs for different file systems
• Last program settings can be memorized
• 90 min. quick charge with non-contact type charger


• Fits all popular brands of Ni-Ti files
• Wide screen provides clear visibility
• 9 adjustable program selection
• Operates on electrical power or battery
• Small head adjustable to 6 positions

Fit to all brand of NITI files

Up to 9 settings (speed and torque etc) can be programmed simply by pushing the memory function button. It’s easy to switch between each preset program allowing work with all popular Ni-Ti file manufacturer’s required procedures.

ENDO-MATE AT Naqilli endodontik mikromotor

For use with all brands of Ni-Ti files

The endodontic motor has a wide range of torque and speed settings, allowing it to be used with Ni-Ti Files from virtually all major manufacturers.


  • Fits all major brands of Files
  • Torque control, with integrated auto-reverse function
  • Compact stylish control / monitor pad
  • Large screen size for immediate visibility
  • Flat control panel for simple and user friendly operation
  • Lightweight, smart handpiece offering excellent visibility
  • Convenient On/Off switch