Endodontic handpieces

Endodontic handpieces

FX 75   16:1
Integrated Handpieces : Ergonomic :
Functional : Reliable
After 35 years of outstanding global success, the classic NSK EX handpiece series has now evolved into a new stage. – NSK FX handpiece series – a
modernization of the EX series. The traditional NSK simple design technology, functional reliability, durability, and cost effective pricing still remains, but FX has been updated to an integrated design in response to modern demands.

Durable Stainless Steel Body
Stainless is lighter and more durable than brass. Handpiece weight is considerably reduced and ergonomic hand comfort is greatly enhanced with a realistic tactile sense.

• Miniature Head • For engine files • Stainless Steel Body
• 360° Rotation • Push Button Chuck
• Max Speed: 2,300 min-1


EX-ENDO 128 

With one of the smallest heads available to endodontic handpiece, EX-ENDO 128 offers superb access even in the molar area. 128:1 reduction speed helps to provide safe and precise endodontic procedures. The compact body and Push Button Chuck reduces clinician’s hand fatigue.

• Exceptionally small head
• Push Button Chuck

• 128:1 Reduction • For Ni-Ti files (ø2.35) • 360° Rotation



• 10:1 Reduction


MP-ER 64 & MPA-ER 64 

• 64:1 Reduction