Electric micromotors

Electric micromotors


A New Generation of Micromotor as
Well Balanced as an Air Turbine
NLX nano has been designed to minimize weight and size to improve the
balance of instrument and motor in the hand of the clinician, reducing
fatigue during prolonged procedures.
Despite its small size and light weight, the NLX nano is as powerful as
traditional micromotors and offers wider range of speeds. Its 180° Vector
Control assures smooth and stepless control over the entire speed range.
Thanks to LED illumination, it now delivers 32,000 LUX*, natural daylight
quality light and assures clearer vision, reducing fatigue during operation.
Feel our quality of NLX nano micromotor.

Ti-Max NBX 
Electric Micromotor Integrated System
Speed : 60 – 40,000 min-1

Ti-max EL 400 (DA290) 

Electric Micromotor Integrated System
Speed : 100 – 40,000 min-1, Torque : 4.0 Ncm, with Endo Function

• Torque control & Auto reverse feature
3 working modes: Auto-reverse on,
Auto-stop or Auto-reverse off
• Autoclavable titanium body
• LED illumination
• Installable built-in type conforms to most
dental equipments by employing original
NLX BF power module

Ti-Max M40 LED 

Easy to Connect to Bien-Air® 4VLM and 4VR 400 Hoses
NSK Motor Cord
• Quiet smooth operation from 60 to 40,000 min-1
• Minimal heat generation
• Compact and light coreless electric micromotor
• LED illumination is incorporated inside the optic
micromotor (M40 XS)
• Titanium body with Scratch Resistant DURACOAT

Dyna LED M205LG 

Generates Its Own LED Illumination – Another NSK Technology 1st

• For instant LED illumination simply connect DynaLED Air motor to an existing non-optic handpiece tubing.
• Delivers a stable supply of natural daylight-quality LED illumination rated at 25,000 LUX.

NSK’s Long Life Micro Power Generator – Exceptional Efficiency and Durability

• The micro power generator is electronically calibrated to produce the correct power source for highly effective LED illumination.
• Does not impair air motor performance in any way.
• NSK has applied the very latest technologies and materials to achieve long-term efficiency and reliability.


Ti-205L Havalı mikromotor

Optic air motor Internal Water Spray

Shorter and Lighter – Ergonomic Comfort & Improved Balance

• Shorter and lighter unsurpassed balance Air motor
• 360° Swivel with LED illumination (32,000 LUX)



FX 205  

Non optic External Water Spray

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