Ceramic furnaces

e.ON CP250

e.ON CP250  – Keramika sobası Zirconia sintering furnace presents the latest technical evolutions, advanced electronical components, robust construction and ergonomic design. High temperature furnace muffle equipped with six refractory metallic rods is made with high purity alumina lightweigh fiber materials,…
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Artis 100 free programs New UTS* heating chamber Exceptional firing quality Quartz-sheathed resistance Precise control Electrical safeguards Real-time program correction Intuitive navigation (5 langages) Excellent readability Elegant and understated design Small size Wide brished aluminium shelf Standby temperature: 0 to 600 °C…
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Austromat 624

Austromat 624 – Keramika sobası AUSTROMAT 624 The proven firing chamber concept assures excellent firing results within all temperature ranges. The combination of the intuitive user interface and an internet capable electronics ideally adapts to the practical needs of the modern dental…
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