Impression materials

Manual mixing A silicon

Əl ilə qarışdırmaq üçün A silikon Elite P&P Putty fast set -A-silicones Precision & Performance Advantages Maximum precision in detail reproduction High tear strength Excellent elastic recovery High dimensional stability Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta 7 Spray…
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A silicons for dispensers

A silicons for dispensers ACRYTEMP Bisacrylic self-curing composite resin for temporary C&B preparation Advantages Practical: the cartridge selfmixing system permits optimal dispensing Functional: it develops very low temperatures during polymerization Die protection Respect of tooth-periodontal relation Tooth position preservation Resistant…
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Alginatlar HYDROCOLOR 5 Chromatic high dimensional stability alginatet Use Study models in general Recommended for paediatric impression Removable and partial dentures Antagonists in fixed and removable prosthesis Temporary crowns and bridges Advantages Offers a visual guide for mixing, work and…
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C silicons

C silicons ZETAPLUS VL intro kit C silikon kit Advantages Reduces mucous compression in the phase of insertion in the oral cavity Excellent hardness after setting In the two-stage technnique, it acts perfectly as a special tray In double mixing, it…
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