Clinical Devices

NSK – Varios Combi Pro

Varios Combi Pro Two Maintenance Systems in One Combining ultrasonic scaling and powder therapy for more effective and comfortable oral hygiene and biofilm control. Innovative New Design Enables Clinicians to Safely and Efficiently Combine Two Applications Two Systems in One NSK has combined ultrasonic…
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NSK – Variosurg 3

Variosurg 3 Ultrasonic bone surgery systems are essential in modern surgical and implant treatment. The powerful VarioSurg3 handpiece features a slim and lightweight body that ensures minimal hand fatigue and outstanding visibility.  A variety of tips makes procedures easier and stress-free to…
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VARIOS 970 LUX iPiEZO The Smart Compact Design Provides High-performance The functionality required for ultrasonic applications is available in the most-advanced model in our compact series, the Varios 970. Our high-capacity 2 bottle system allows users to focus on safe treatment without worrying…
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